Experts in engineering design

At Atkinson Project Management we are perfectly positioned to assist the aerospace and engineering sectors.

Specialists in aerospace engineering and
energy-efficient design

We put our exceptional problem-solving skills to the best possible use for our clients in the engineering sector, an area in which we specialise. We understand that the projects you deliver need to be energy-efficient, intelligently designed and cost-effective.

Together, we’ll ensure the success and profitability of your project.

Project design

Any successful project starts with an idea. But it’s the design stage that often determines whether or not that idea can ever become a reality.


Employing our expertise in the engineering and aerospace sector, we will help you put in place all the procedures required to generate a successful project.

Project delivery

Once the project has been designed, the next step is delivering it. This is where the importance of your planning will come into play. We help you to organise your infrastructure and service personnel to effectively deliver your final product.